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Thomas Bergersen: I was born in Trondheim, Norway and spent about 22 of my years there. Interesting place, Norway is. But I maintain that I was born in the wrong country, because the first word that came out of my mouth was a rather mangled permutation of "America", and I was born on the 4th of July. I decided early on that I wanted to express myself regardless of repercussions, and so I rebelled quite a lot. Against my parents, teachers, you name it. I couldn't stand authority and that was probably the reason why I started composing music in the first place. It was the perfect way for me to disobey rules and do everything like Frank Sinatra, "My way". I was 6 years old and my piano teacher did not share that view. It didn't last very long. I sure showed her!%#! or maybe not.. then again I remember she looked like she was about 90 at the time and if she's still alive she must be at least 250! Soo.. what else.. oh yeah.. "F" in maths ... Am I a bad person for not remembering her name? I was never good with names either. Maybe she's looking down from a litte cloud above, hands covering her ears and cringing as she listens to me butcher Bach's 1st inversion in C Major for the N'th time. Or maybe I make her proud?