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Nick Phoenix: I was born in London England, but grew up in New Haven CT. Home Of Yale University, but actually a tough city, where I learned how to fight off stray dogs and unfriendly classmates. I attended Hopkins Grammar and UCONN, majoring in creative writing. I studied classical piano for ten years and have played in rock bands since I was 12. In 1997, I began composing music for film trailers. Living in Los Angeles gives me amazing opportunities to work with talented artists and I have worked with Hans Zimmer and recently did a project with Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead. Thomas and I formed Two Steps in 2006 and I believe we have a great partnership. Two Steps From Hell has grown into something much bigger than we ever expected. Working with someone as talented as Thomas inspires me. Two Steps From Hell is an epic music band, but we always strive to push the envelope and explore new possibilities. Colin Frake feels like the next stage of our evolution. I am have just finished book 2 of the Colin Frake series.